Georgina wilding saysumthin idea

20 Dec

So I want to adapt a poem I wrote at arvon called ‘indigestible truths’ – (that’s cliché right?) – its about an owl being a metaphor for a rocky childhood and how it vomits up all the bits of its prey that it cant digest… there’s a stanza in it that i’m not sure on and I also want to get in some references about seasons and thought I could use the owl as a way in! Maybe talk about how the owl struggles to hunt in the winter and describe the scenery or something, or maybe how it can hear the little voles under the snow rustling around.. I’m still exploring that bit. I’ve emailed a lecturer to see if he can recommend any poems that are about the seasons to see if I can use them as a spring board! If anyone has a suggestion please let me know! Thanks, G x


2 Responses to “Georgina wilding saysumthin idea”

  1. Ste December 23, 2013 at 6:26 pm #

    Alright there gorgeous! I absolutely love this idea and if it were up to me I’d say definitely run with it. Personally I think it would be really cool to absolutely commit to the owl metaphor, by which I mean no reference to any human rocky childhood aspect whatsoever – just let your creativity with the creature and nature do the talking.

    Looking forward to seeing the first draft. Peace n love zx

  2. Anne December 31, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

    Yep… What Ste said! Also, you don’t need poems about seasons to spring board you into this, you just need to think about what the seasons mean to you, as an adult and as a child, hot and cold, clothes, having to play indoors, outdoors, look at old pictures of you as a kid, chat about memories with your crazy family! Remember how you felt month by month through the school year – we did an excercise the last mouthy session, about inserting weather into your piece, experiment with that, you don’t have to keep it in there, but see how your piece changes if you set it in a hot steamy day or on a damp shitty day or a crisp snowy day or a sludgy grey day? Play with that for a bit.
    I remember the Arvon poem, the regurgitated pellets! Loved it and so pleased you’re going to develop it.

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