Jim and Josh – commission show initial ideas.

20 Dec

To explore the constraints, complexities and own experience of personal and societal definitions of masculinity.

– To challenge the audience and ourselves. Mostly ourselves.

– We want to have a blast off and on stage. Humour is essential.

– We want to go in on the silences and the struggles behind this subject. Bravery is essential. 


Potential title: Man Points.


Concept: Josh and Jim to welcome the audience to ‘Man Points’, the game show where men compete to rack up as many points for their masculine actions . The first and only round (for this poem at least!) will be the ‘sacraficial round’ where the hosts both offer up their experiences where they feel Man Points may be deserved.  


In turn Josh and Jim to share specific, personal snapshots of situations that initially state with bravado their deserving of man points (I pulled a girl in 3 minutes.) Then, in a not-figured out yet way, the actual way we felt will also be voiced, possibly after ‘man points’ awarded, to create a raw and honest emotional response.


What we need to figure out: How to balance the humour with the emotive in a fresh and unexpected way. How to turn the poem after given examples into a collective ‘this is how we really feel as men’ without it being over-preachy or slipping too far away from the gameshow set-up. Which examples to choose. Many other unknown things. 



One Response to “Jim and Josh – commission show initial ideas.”

  1. Anne December 31, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

    Can’t wait to see you two working together on this and I think it’s got huge scope

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