Say sum thin 6 idea

20 Dec

Hey all, so my idea for my piece for say sum thin 6 is loa piece called ‘Transformation of the classroom practices’ I wanted a voice and character  narrative throught the piece with elements of a list poem within it. Key narrative/issues the piece would centre around would be the contrast of disapline through the last 20 years (my owns expiriences of teacher stundents roles and maybe a flavour of my T.A expiriences) the transformation and juxstapostion of teachers roles. Woth this piece I aim not to be political nor preachy just to literally almost tell the stories throught my voice in all the different dimensional characters (no more than 3). So this is my initial idea or thinking also showcasing the role modern internet use has shaped  attidues and the safety aspects of it or not. Hope this doesnt sound too political as its not going to be!!




One Response to “Say sum thin 6 idea”

  1. anneholloway December 31, 2013 at 2:09 pm #

    Doesn’t sound too political… Sounds spot on to me! Flash thought in my head… The way that we think discipline was so tough and shit in the past, getting the cane, shouting etc, but actually the cruelty is still there, but not so obvious – like racism is still there but almost worse because it’s not so in your face (see my post about black and white minstrel show!) Also thinking bout that police show ‘Life on mars’ where they contrasted the way the police operate now with back in the 70s and how shocking it used to be, and actually it still all goes on, but just not out in the open… does by of this make any sense at all?

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