SST6 Ideas – Marie

20 Dec

Hello beautiful people,

I think I’ve finally got a concrete idea. Originally, I was thinking about emotional development and scrap-wrote a ‘break-up’ type of poem. Fresh off the page, I tested it out a couple of weeks back at Spoken Word London and thought “…no”. Not happening.
But there were some little bits and bobs that I thought I could develop on.
So I played around with it, had a few coffee-shop freewrite sessions, slammed scrap verses and (true story) I forgot my last line and randomly improv’d:
“I thought of you as a book I read but never bought
so I put you in a love poem
I put you in a love poem
I put you in a love poem
and now you’re just words and nothing more.”

Lightbulb moment. People of paper. Seeing ourselves as blank pages of a book that gradually filled in as we experience life. Writing the people we meet into us / trying to write people out of us…

Some lines that I’m thinking of playing with:
You have planted a tree
where my bones were born to be
and your name is etched within the parched veins of the leaves
that foster a blossoming
scaling five foot three.

(Insert something about ink bleeding through paper here)
I bled out to become the amethyst bruise on your collarbone
the tousled right sleeve of your best shirt
train track Thursdays in the best and worst ways
the meteor dent in your duvet
the lonely corner table in the café
the gleaming heart you overlooked
the drunken stanza in your notebook
and the poem you never finished.

You carved your verses into me
when your fingertips danced in circles
above my limbs and across my skin
and I hate the way you kissed yourself into me through my scars.
And these days, I tear myself open just to check you haven’t stolen my heart.
But the caves of my lungs
are brimming with long distance love letters
from a man who claimed I was his work of art.

The challenge I’ve given myself for this one is to stray away from love/break-up poem territory. And to make this piece more about human nature and indicators of our metamorphoses through stages of life. So I’ll be cracking down on that now.

M x


2 Responses to “SST6 Ideas – Marie”

  1. anneholloway December 31, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

    I love some of these lines and I think it’s a really good place to go with love and break ups- beware the traps of cliche though with trees and branches etc as there has been a lot of stuff written about them, but from what I can see here you’ll have no trouble with that! Can’t wait to see more.

  2. mouthypoets January 1, 2014 at 8:58 pm #

    Will be awesome to see more of this piece. You have great rhythm and sense of where a line should break so this Will be brilliant for the performance of this. metaphors are intricate and as previously mentioned as long as you carry on being unique with them like opening up yourself to check hasn’t stolen your heart… Then this Will make for a real interesting piece. can’t wait to read more. x

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