Stephen Ashburn – SST6 Ideas

20 Dec

Stephen Ashburn - SST6 Ideas

I (Debris) am posting this for Stephen, these are his initial scribblings and music score that he will be playing to accompany it.

The subject will either be dementia in general or specifically his grandfather and his experience of the disease.

photo-3 copy


One Response to “Stephen Ashburn – SST6 Ideas”

  1. anneholloway December 31, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    I’m getting a bit of King Lear from this – that sense that his craziness may not be so crazy after all – maybe that’s from the line about the jowls like a slipped coronet? But I like the way he has a sense of the regal about him, this is a man who you looked up to, there is a lot of tenderness in what you’ve written, an understanding that this is not a weakness, this is just the shit that happens with time, his face elastic because he’s worn it too many times. I have no idea what the music is like, butt he words have a stillness to them, like You’re watching him in freeze frame?

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