Raisa’s second edit for SST6

2 Jan

I wouldn’t
If you was a good one
You see
I already heard the words that usto make butterflies
Flutter deep
inside my gut

I was addicted to that feeling

I wanted them to take residence inside of me and stick their wings
On either side of my intestinal walls
I was all camouflage with love,

I got usto it

but they decided
to leave
just as my toes
where getting warm and cozy..

Just like those roses that usto look happy
all the time
they died
just as I was getting usto them
I was gonna water them
watch them grow…

Just like that tree outside
it usto shed leaves
that suffocated my path

Was it trying to tell me something?

I ignored it
But I worked up the courage to climb it

I was ready to see the world and what it had in mind for me

I was ready

And then the tree got chopped down
And The only thing left to stand on was
a stump.
That engraved rings of thousand years
in tree life.

I usto think
That the one that sliced a lettuce so sharply
Until all the juice had finally leaked out
Was the one for me
But you kept slicing and dicing
And you decided that the lettuce weren’t ripe enough for you
To eat.

The juice from the lettuce decided to
visonary pictures
in my
And collect artefacts of fractured times printed on a negative roll
of vintage camera film
Covered in dust and
Left until those pictures decided to fade
And my arms couldn’t hold onto them memories again
And my tears where all emptied out
was once my hero
The one
I usto colour in
In my colouring book
I usto finely sculpture the unique lines of your face
Create the beat of emotion
Through the pit
of my heart
That raced in split seconds
Even my hands couldn’t wait to hold

So I drew you

my eyes and my mind usto fight at the thought of loosing you
So the muscles in my brain
Fell in love with you

But the bruises in my body
Gave up on
needing you

to heal the fingerprints left
Lonely on the skin that
Struggled to hold me closely

Like you
Like you did once
If only I could wrap all my skin over me ten thousand times

Just to match the soft indented lip
stains of yours

Bathe myself in butterflies
And not be scared of them leaving me

Be excited and not guilty when
Bobby calls my name or holds me close

If only
karma didn’t sleep
with the lights on
that night
And draw curtains
of I’m sorrys with your name scratched
on every star
flooding out the darkness brightly
Disturbing my sleep at night…


One Response to “Raisa’s second edit for SST6”

  1. Anne holloway January 2, 2014 at 3:51 pm #

    This is much sharper, clearer- but I still feel that some of the metaphors are confusing- mKe sure you really understand what you mean and what you are trying to say, and it’s not just beautiful words.
    So, did the poet cheat on Johnny with Bobby? Or is she with Bobby and still in love with johnny?

    The lettuce juice thing is still a bit confusing 🙂

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