A List Poem On Begginings

5 Jan

For the Djanogly Sherwood Rise Year 10‘s & 11‘s, Four Workshops In

1. When the discussion of ‘What Makes Us Angry’ becomes less a simple listing of examples, more a fevered retelling of personal injustices, let it.
2. Hayley Green does a mean Kanye West impersonation, if pushed as part of an exercise on embodying your idols.
3. A participant will spend his first session buried inside a dictionary, say: ‘I’m just trying to mix up my words a bit. To help me say what I need to say sir.’
4. It will stay with you long enough to include it in this poem.
5. When the librarian remarks: ‘In class, he’s the joker of the pack.’, think of how shyly that same student revealed enjoying dancing to Dizze Rascal in the mirror one hour ago.
6. Remind yourself: What you are doing is important . Give 110%, always, as soon as you walk into the building.
7. ‘My heart just did an ollie’ is a memorable line, as is the conversation afterwards about what makes our hearts leap.
8. A rap-battle-but-it’s-poetry will bring out the confidence of a girl enough to ignore the half-rhymes bouncing back and forth, step forward and read seven raw lines about pain all at once. 9. Do not be offended when two feedback post-its responding to ‘What you didn’t like’ read: ‘Your decision making.’
10. Learn choosing who wins a rap-battle-but-it’s-poetry comes with heavy consequence.


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