Georgina Wilding Saysumthin edit number 1

10 Jan

So, performance wise i’m hoping to be able to be all… Helena Bonham Cater-esque. 


It’s called ‘Indigestible truths’ ….



Once plush green ploomage,

laid dank and black.

Choked it’s last breath

at the brink of swamp scum.

Now vined corpses, for magits and mites

to rip and swallow down in

anguished greed.

No green leaf in sight.

Bad, disguised as simple woodland.


When the wind was right,

the scent of wet bark would

tap, tap, at my window,

creep through the cracks

and hand me an envelope.

‘You’re invited.’      


They said the bird of death

lived there.

Had plucked out

the eyes of its mother

and worn them as jewels

around its ankles,

to impose one last glint

of fear into the vole,

as it swooped and ripped

it from the soil.


They said i shouldn’t

play there, said I’d find myself

in pieces, said I’d be listening

to world through the muffled

underbelly of whichever maggot

had taken my ears. Said,

I’d be trapped in a restless crevice

under some tree somewhere, said

I’d be trapped. Said, I’d be trapped.


But i still did.

I did and i did and i didn’t

listen to their don’ts

and found pellets and

packets and bundles of bones.

Each time i took them home.

Fur and beaks and teeth

and stories. Legs and tails

and broken homes

were all tied up inside.


A mass for something foreign,

a mass for something familiar.

I saved them all.


3 Responses to “Georgina Wilding Saysumthin edit number 1”

  1. Matt January 11, 2014 at 3:19 am #

    This is so cool! Wicked imagery, best thing I’ve seen you do. Gave me shivers, feels like a ghost story. Have a seen a version of this before? The bird of death stealing its mothers eyes seemed to ring a bell . . .


  2. Anne January 11, 2014 at 10:36 am #

    Ha! I was going for Helena Bonham Carter for mine too! This is dark, and like a fairy tale ‘don’t go into the woods’ – I love the scent of bark tapping at your window. And I liked ‘you saved them all’ because there’s an ambiguity about saving as in keeping and saving as in rescuing.

  3. gawilding January 12, 2014 at 7:25 pm #

    Yeah Mat it came from Pascales worskshop where she gave us the animal fact files! I still don’t feel like its there yet but it’s a way better edit than what it first was I think! – Anne that’s such a coincidence because I’ve been buying fairytale books recently!! It must be rubbing off on me!

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