Hayley Green SST6 – Comission – First Draft

10 Jan

Hey, so here’s my first draft. Yes I am rhyming because it makes me happy 🙂 but I’m going to have a play round with it – take all the rhyme out and see how it feels just for fun. So here’s what I’m working with from here on out…


Sins of Nature

Did you know that 10% of domesticated rams are gay?

That’s a bigger average than the human population.

So when did we assume this fixation

On alternative sexual orientation

Being a sin of nature?


Nature demonstrates greater understanding

Than our insignificant minds.

One mind thought up mindless laws

Turning men into suited sheep

And women into whores.


We’re more advanced than species before us

But you don’t see monkeys starting wars

So let’s use animals to extinguish all sodomy laws.

I know we like to think we’re moving forwards

But still live by ancient books that tell us fairy stories.


Same sex penguin pairs raise chicks in zoos

Yet human chicks can’t share a kiss.

Kissing birds don’t mock when they sing

Love songs through the trees

But across nightclubs we scream dyke

And pound into queens until they bleed.


Watch –

as humans throw faeces at each other.

Raping their way through populations,

Populations torn apart by governments,

Governments trampled by a revolution –

A Revolution against pollution of state.


A state that won’t hesitate

to bury truths in the snow

The way penguins bury their heads.

But the revolution is upon us

And animals are out of the closet.


There’ll be no therapists

For bottlenose dolphins,

Giraffes, ducks or penguins.

No witch hunts or pillaging,

Or footnotes about religion.


Elephants still lock trunks

And the sheep aren’t bleeping

Peccatum conta naturam,

So if we’re the smartest species

Then why do we act so dumb?


We’re no longer evolving

But instead we’re in reverse.

Put us back in the jungle

At least there

No one called us perverse


2 Responses to “Hayley Green SST6 – Comission – First Draft”

  1. Anne January 11, 2014 at 9:56 am #

    Love where this is and where I know you will take it, it’s funny,but it’s deadly serious ( do you mean sheep bleeping or do you mean bleating?) the way that you mix the images of Hhe animals which are quite cute and cuddly images with ‘screaming dyke’ and ‘pound into queens til they bleed’ actually felt like a punch. I quite like the rhyming by the way 🙂

  2. galindo January 14, 2014 at 3:51 am #

    “We’re more advanced than species before us

    But you don’t see monkeys starting wars”

    Humans evolved from apes, not the monkey

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