Raisa’s Arvon Experience

10 Jan

Being accepted to go arvon, gave me a restart effect which was the “this is me”
I am ready to accept that I am a poet comfortable in my own skin and to show the seriousness and reason behind me, writing and poetry. I applied to go with an open mind and in return I recived a positive affirmation within the art of the way of my thinking. I am a dysleix person of whom work on visual learning and stimulus. I also work with the thought of having a different voice in my mind using imagination. I often have a barrier which hold me back which is my anxiety and depression. When I applied for Arvon it was around the time that I accepted my mental state. And not letting anything or opportunities in which can create an experience and also knowledge in what can encourage me and help me with my talent. I learnt through visual concepts whilst being at Arvon it helped me to accept that the visual process in learning wasn’t wrong and it actually helps when your able to write something through visual. I enjoyed being able to write a character
biography and auto biography it encouraged that creative voice in me to write a piece on the native Alboriginal historey, I have a strong interest in Alborignal historey and settlements. This exercise used my voice and my imagination. Which was exciting and the work I came out with whilst at Arvon impressed me and made me think wow did I write that? I also enjoyed the surrealism work shop with Pascle Petit because the art that we looked at by Freda kahlo. Wow the storey behind Kahlo life was very deep and dark which gave me a voice of 1950s and 1940 this gave me inspiration to write my piece for say something 6. The atmosphere in Tottliegh Barton was fresh and clean,with a strong sense of history being it a historic pre doomsday building. It bred history and storeys and the rooms were nice and spacey but very cosy. I liked the fact that our rooms were quite close so that we can see the rest of the group and keep that unity that we already have as a
group. Since I went to arvon and before I have accepted my voice and not so afraid to write what my gut is telling me to. Thankyou for accepting my application and offering us your friendly service. The staff at Arvon are very earthy and take into consideration different types of peoples needs from disabled to vegan to vegiterian any needs arvon sure dose cater and impresses. Its not often I see a country side and actually become apart of it. The only time I see the country side is whilst driving from different cities. Arvon give me that sence of belonging where my heart wants to be and to learn from different experiances. That’s why being apart of mouthy I’m all ways learning and appreciate the opportunities offered. I cannot thank mouthy the creators enough it makes me emotional. Never could I imagine being apart of a group with people that are creative and absorb brilliance. I feel apart of some were I finally belong.

Thankyou xx


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