The Lord of The Night (How The Night Was Made) Rough Draft by Honey Williams (SST6 Commission show)

10 Jan

The Lord of The Night (How The Night Was Made) Rough Draft by Honey Williams

This Is How The Night Was Made.

Poem/Song Written by Honey Williams

You can listen to me singing/rambling/poetessizing by clicking on the title of this poem


The Lord of the night had the darkness wrapped in a handkerchief; this is how the night was made.

‘She invented the night by accident

When her press-studs could no longer contain her double ff’s

A handkerchief was laid across her chest mopping up her carnal desires & envious glares

The insatiable night grew from there

Night lit cityscapes sprouted from her bra straps

Electricity from the clasps

Distant DNB sub bass embroidered into the lace

Dreams now awake in the jet-black of her lingerie

Encrusted with stars, whispers, leather and other sexy things

Shadows of panthers in voodoo trances prowled around her areolas where bedtime stories used to lay

[……basically the day reveals my flaws, my imperfections, exposes greatness too….need to write this]

……Sometimes I cry

Sometimes I die for 12 hours

right now I am the lord of the night

NIGHT SECTION 2: How things have messed up the night for me

First Monsters, then Criminals & nobheads and other reprobates later desecrated the sacrosanct of the night

Unmarked Blacked out Undercover BM’s lurking in beads of rain shimmered the floors sovereinity

Curses sullied the soul of her gusset,

Fox Howls of deceit switchbladed gashes down the silk of her hold ups

[write more possibly free write how nobheads actually make me feel]

[Note: How I will perform it…. imagine if Grace Jones and Eartha Kitt had a love child….. switching back and forth to a vulnerable shy version of me]


3 Responses to “The Lord of The Night (How The Night Was Made) Rough Draft by Honey Williams (SST6 Commission show)”

  1. mouthypoets January 11, 2014 at 12:01 am #

    (Commission show if possible Hx)

  2. mouthypoets January 11, 2014 at 1:22 pm #

    Wow! Channelling Eartha Kitt and Grace Jones – amazing! And thanks for posting this as a link- it really gives a sense of how it will be.
    Your normal voice is very powerful and sexy and natural (no ‘poetry’ voice for you!) and I love it when you do the conversational bits in your poems, it’s like you look us straight in the eye out of character for a moment, straight to camera and that’s what makes us connect with you (well me anyway).
    When you do about how night, or the people of the night attack you, could you stop the music, stop the show, and talk softly, very vulnerable and matter of fact? Just tell us, don’t make it sexy, or, start doing it sexy, but then drop into an actual account of something that has happened. There’s nothing more powerful and chilling than when someone recounts word for word an insult, or an action that has been done against them. It’s like if you act it out or speak it as they do, I kind of don’t feel it, but when you spell it out in cold words, in your voice, it’s shocking… does that makes sense?
    I’m not sure why, but I keep thinking of Chicago, the film version of the musical, where the girls do the tango song about how they ended up in jail, there’s a refrain ‘he had it coming’ but they each have a spoken section about what happened in the run up to the murders they commit. There’s also a song where Roxie’s husband Mr Cellophane speaks out, when she’s being arrested, don’t think it’s his main song?
    Actually, when are you going to write a musical? It could be about Nottingham nights – you could perform it for the first time as part of Light Night 🙂
    I can’t wait to see this piece. Also, when you sing at the beginning of your piece for a moment your voice sounded like those north African (?) women who chant in that crazy tongue/throat wobbling/warbling way. I loved it, can yo do more of that? It makes it seem more ‘of the night’ hypnotic, like you could draw us into a trance with you.

    This is Anne by the way!

    • mouthypoets January 19, 2014 at 12:10 am #

      Thank you so much Anne, I’ve actually spotted this feedback after I posted my second draft!, I’ll take what you have said and really get to work on my piece, I just haven’t had the time to do it real justice this week.

      I think the approach that you suggested sounds spot on, I think the recounting an actual real incident, I’ll have to choose one. I’ll give it a go. I know that scene in Chicago you’re referring to, so effective…. I don’t know when I’ll squeeze a Musical out, I kinda hate them a little bit lol but Chicago is one of a small collection of musicals that I actually dug.
      I’m letting everything you have said sink in and I’ll get back to work on it. I may even involve the choir or a couple of them as background people (thats if any of them are free) just a thought.

      but yes tar Anne, all noted. fantastic and v helpful feedback.
      Honey 😉

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