SST6, feedback, gender and sexuality

11 Jan

It was really good to get feedback in the session on Friday, both face to face in our small groups and anonymously on strips of paper in response to our first read through of our pieces for SST6.
One piece of feedback (I’ve posted a picture of it- but I’m doing this on my phone so it wouldn’t embed in the post) said:

Unisex stop the woman power – we are human.

There is a line in my piece that goes…

They can draw a man to me,
but when he really sees me,
he gets scared and wants to run away.

When I was writing this I thought about changing it to ‘they can draw a person to me’ so keeping it open to interpretation, but I decided that since I am a heterosexual woman and this is written from my perspective I should be true to me. Yes, we are all human, but we are not unisex. Clothes are unisex, people are not. And I was curious where the ‘woman power’ comes in? I hadn’t intended this to be a piece about woman power, but about isolation, disappointment, loss, depression, alienation and a whole host of other feelings that come about within a life.
Just got me to thinking, that’s all.


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