Arvon 2013 Covers Night List

12 Jan

Arvon 2013 – Covers List


‘This Be The Verse’ by Phillip Larkin

‘Motherland’ by Jo Shapcott



‘The Same City’ by Terrance Hayes

‘Song For A Spent 100w Bulb’ by Jacob Sam La Rose (From ‘Breaking Silence’)



‘Dressed As For A Tarot Pack’ by Peter Redgrove

‘Condition Of Isis’ (poet unrecorded – if anyone can find it, let us know)



‘The River Of Girls’ by Tishani Dashi (From ‘Everything Begins Everywhere’)

‘Empires’ by Douglas Dunn (From ‘Fifty Strong’)


Laura D:

‘Gardenia’ by Jasmine Mans

‘Life and Death . . .’ by Gia Carangi (Laura notes that Gia is not a poet – she seems very interesting. Where do we find the poem Laura?)



‘Bone’ by Warsan Shire

‘Ugly’ by Warsan Shire



‘Since Feeling Is First’ by E. E. Cummings

‘The Christening’ by Simon Armitage



‘Daddy’ by Sylvia Plath

‘9 Reasons For Throwing A Cat Into A Wheelie Bin’ by Caroline Bird



‘Little Red Cap’ by Carol Ann Duffy (From ‘The World’s Wife’)

‘Mersey Crossing’ by Imtiaz Dharker (From ‘The Terrorist at my Table’)



‘Gaustic Soda’ by Liz Houghton

‘Bone’ by Saga Nobuyuki


George W:

‘Love Poem’ by John-Frederick Nimms

‘The Apple Incident’ by Ted Hughes



‘Yarmulkes & Fitted Caps’ by Aaron Levy Samuels

‘The Stranger Manuel’ by Catie Rosemurgy



‘A Helping Hand’ by Miroslav Holub (From ‘The Fly’)

‘Zone Of Silence’ by Ezeslaw Milosz



‘The Cinnamon Peeler’ by Michael Ondaatte

‘Wildnights’ by Emily Dickinson



Underground, Pure Hustle – Kate Potts

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