Let no more blood run through my veins: Only Liquor. by Edward Jones

12 Jan

Let no more blood run through my veins:
Only liquor.
And if I cut let that sweetness seep out for me to sip and sup,
A cup at the ready to fill with this nectar
Neck a couple of shorts, of sorts, of course!
I daze for days in a blurry haze of nothing more than mine own blood
Which, of course, is not blood at all.
Donating this would be a charitable offer indeed to those in need
Of mead and wine and fine other!
Let them be my babes
And me their mother.
No other shall serve and feed the needy as I have done,
A medical wonder I shall become!
But, it shall be:
The death of me.

A paper-cut, was all it was,
A slight slit nipped in my fingertip
And so I treated myself to
But the rivers ran with full force
As the Disaronno and Cointreau,
The whiskey and ale,
Poured down my gullet until I turned pale.
I have drank to mine own death,
An ironic toast,
To how I shall no longer be able to boast
Of possessing a gift from God
– or on second thoughts:
the Devil,
As my body lays dry as a grape,
For I have drank more than I can replace.
And so now my gift,
My curse,
Goes to waste.


One Response to “Let no more blood run through my veins: Only Liquor. by Edward Jones”

  1. Matt January 12, 2014 at 7:03 pm #

    Love it! Really cool idea well executed. I like the playfulness of it, and generally like how you’ve used rhyme and sound (neck a couple of shorts, of sorts, of course – that and other bits like it. Lovely.)

    I would say though, be careful not to let rhyme take priority over the best word to use. The one that sprung out was ‘ale’ and ‘pale’ – seems to me there’s gotta be a more accurate word to use than pale to describe the effects of excessive drinking. I realise you’ve got the whole drained of blood thing going on too, but that could be something you play with more – pale seemed too easy.

    Generally though, I think its a cracking piece.

    Hope that helps.

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