What is Mouthy to you? (Code of Conduct in Progress…)

13 Jan

Mouthy is growing faster than ever – we want to carry on supporting as many young people as possible, but the more work grow the more we must innovate how we can do that. Because of this, I feel its important we build an idea of who we are and what we believe. As with everything Mouthy, this is a conversation that started in our session last Friday… 

What behaviours, expectations and rules do you think should be impeded into Mouthy? What should we expect from everyone and tell the world we believe in. Please comment and add through comments, this is currently a working document 🙂 


  • Considerate Freedom of Speech. Everyone has the right to voice his or her opinions and be respected. However no one has the right to intentionally isolate or disrespect any individual with those opinions.  If this happens unintentionally, we should always approach these situations openly and respectfully.


  • Involvement & Support: Be as open as you can be and as involved as you can be – the degree of which everyone can be involved will be embraced without judgment and with support.


  • There is no bad but there is a better.


  • Eat your 5 a day: look after your physiological needs, so that Mouthy can provide for a higher level of development.


  • Be enlivening and radical.


  • There will be laughter, but there will be hard work too.


  • Be opinionated. If you know you have knowledge that can help me, give it to me.


  • Support Individuality.


  • “I miss Cleo” – let each other know who and what we miss.


  • A safe place to explore.


  • Come with an open mind.


  • Support; not just on the page & stage but mentally & emotionally.


  • Believe – in the power of the cultivated spoken word. Take the raw tools of language and sculpt them into a higher power.


  • Remain Diverse in every way forever.


  • Allow people to choose: participation will happen when and if you are comfortable.


  • A culture of questioning.


  • Encouragement.


  • Family.





One Response to “What is Mouthy to you? (Code of Conduct in Progress…)”

  1. Maresa Mackeith January 17, 2014 at 3:58 pm #


    Some thoughts from me. This is what I really like about Mouthy

    – The Ethos.
    – The people.
    – The visibility.
    – The shared interest.

    Hope this is useful,


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