Neal commission show draft 3

16 Jan

writing a ending without destroying the flow of the piece was next to impossible not overly happy with it to be honest was aiming for a arctic monkeys Alex turner esque vibe and it morphed into scroobious pip /sage Francis which is fine by me 


the phone in my pocket feels like a snake a angry vibrating snake I’m too scared to look at my phone like it will grow teeth and bite me .I knew it was a bad idea to bring my phone tonight but my whole life is one bad idea while dancing my mind drifts and plays memories in my head memories accompanied by music at a metal festival in Derbyshire that weekend was a black angry cloud of a weekend both of us not talking much to each other a wall came down between us it was our own Berlin Wall bought on by our own stubbornness to only listen to our hearts and not our minds and especially not each other

. we where two dancers dancing together but dancing differnt dances both in time and out of time with each other your hair a lovely shade of brown like chocolate brownies nice enough to eat .hand in hand we walk your hand fits perfectly into mine it’s rainy and horrible outside but in our hearts we feel happy and joyous like we are floating on clouds the penguins hop around their encloser in happiness I feel like doing the same I was so happy that day we where both so happy .laying in your bed listening to déjà entendu life felt it was never going to get any better or any worse it got worse but for that moment we felt invincible like if even if darth vader was outside your door we would of defeated him

.we danced away from each other then danced back into each other’s arms again but it felt like something was gnawing at my brain I didn’t know what it was it was like a hungry mouse gnawing at me was it you was it my anexity? I’m not sure .we walked hand in hand again through a busy London street life was nice it was sunny it was lovely but it didn’t feel right it felt like something had changed between us or maybe it was me .

i freaked out and put my foot on the aceletaror pedal too hard and we went spinng out of control in a endless free fall spinning out of control we found each other again in our free fall I missed you I missed stroking your hair that now resembled a sunburnt lobster I missed our talks about rubbish our silly skype chats pulling horrible faces penguin impressions listening to music In silenced I missed all that we fell together like a jigsaw one that changed slightly but a jigsaw nonetheless

I flip a double sided record over this side is the future this is us now two seperete people moving on in life wanting differnt things needing differnt things to what we can offer each other we still want the things we can offer but it’s not we need at this moment or any moment in the future


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