The Mug, Ingrid, Scratch

16 Jan

Completely forget that the other poem exists and excuse the weirdness of this one 🙂

Coffee is bitter but for some reason my rim is clasped by lips that want it.

It seems that those lips only want things that are no good.

Humans replace guava sweet dreams with artificial awakeness and artificial faces.

Well as a mug, what do I know?

My only use is to carry liquid for you.


Coffee is grown just like it is growing on me,

I think that I want a new job,

Could you grow coffee in me please, the finest.

All of my siblings will join in… wait I’m being absurd.


Coffee tastes better on other people’s lips,

I enjoy it now, unbelievably much so.

But what do I know I’m a mug.

You know, we get hungry sometimes,

I’d love for you to try those cake in a cup things.

I like cake.


I’m having a bit of a crazy right now,

This is the time of night is when mugs have a bit of a crazy

So let us don’t wake up in the middle of the night for hot beverages

I’m happy right now.

I’ll watch everything outside as I hang from this mug tree,

Watching branches claw at the air demons, protecting you at night,

I enjoy watching them so much,

I’d love to feel some breeze myself; just a bit of winter breeze.


This poem is really me telling y’all that I love you so much

I would have no purpose without you,

No one would kiss me good night after filling me with warm chocolate.

When morning comes after you have blest me with instant joy beans

I will sit staring out of the window at perspective sharp enough to inject the sky.

Maybe with collagen that keeps it looking so great all the time

I love the sky.

Also I’m sorry on behalf of the coffee that burnt your cut this morning

It told me to mention so here I am mentioning.


I figured out why you guys like coffee so much,

Drugs keep the world turning,

Keep your hearts beating and singing the curiosity song

Ensuring that our monsters are content every day, jubilant in fact.

Teaspoon tells me that he offered you marijuana but never offered you crisps,

I guess it’s because your monsters are friends and yours told his exactly what it wanted

Some part of you must be decisive.

Safety works better when you’re free he says and

When you’ve opened up parts of your mind that you aren’t used to,

That impossible boy is easier to understand

And teaspoon is proud of you for staring him down beforehand.

I’d love to pass the message on you know

He’ll be happy that he’s fixing you.


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