Come and see the show Say sum thin 6 second draft Serita

17 Jan

Little maggots! Vermin! THE LOT OF THEM! screaming out in class ‘You faggot’! Its funny how that word has work it way into our regular rotation see little! Well it ryhmes with wits! TWITS…

What was YOU thinking?


u say all the children transform! (Sung)We say they you say I say the children transform.WE ALL SAY: IT’S THE NORM.

They come in at year 7 with their little squeaky voice saying miss (said quietly and meekly)And by the time they reach year 11 they talk like this (Deep voice)Come and see a show! It’s all one we know… have written script been the actors, directors, and bowed for the curtain call.Fantasies voiced out loud of hitting their keepers of those who dare to cage them!Keep them caged!  In a place where they pace the room longing for T

hey have the knowledge of a thousand Wikipedia pages. They KNOW what life is going to be like but they are like generations long gone aspirations of money and fame right? 5 minutes in the limelight? Or was that orange light? Or liliac, or magnolia and steel?

You say all the children transformWe say you say they say…WE ALL SAY: IT’S THE NORM…

I am sexually active! A mammal announces! To the rest of the pack! They all laugh and cheer! Then continue to talk about parties J.D and beer…

The evolution has stayed the same only the date upon the black oh I’m sorry! WHITE board has changed…Teenage kicks right through the night has turned to day to weeks to months to years to 6 hours internal truancy amongst the rebels is rife the desire in the youth to open the vortex’s of their matter are nil and void!Disruption on a riot scale is all around no fear exists of anyone WE DO WHAT WE LIKE! I doubt even for god (or Jesus) himself.WE ARE THE BEASTS OF OUR SHOW…We know what we know!

 We talk to you how we like! We are in our OWN union we are permanently on strike!Come and see our show… I guarantee you will be amazed!



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