Growing Up (Working Title) – Scratch First Draft

18 Jan

She breezed in like God

Heaven thundered under her big feet

Waking up angels playing in their Derby pens

High up there, but deeply buried in her roots

Were the tails of dragons

Twisting around her hugs

Forcing the last inch

Of sleep into my eyes

And I wish she could




He breezed in like God

Tellings offs trailed over his shoulder

Flapping teddy bears on his tie

Another letter about educating lice

Clutched in one hand




Thickets of thought entwined with

Babbles of code that assemblies repeated in corridors

Baffling me with his witching voice





They breezed in like God

Swooping their cross wind


To mess up their hope of a summer’s day,

Slow motion pictures march over the flat screen

Logged into Newsround

The talk of XBox drones on

Attacking dreams of playtimes

To toughen up future zombies

As the rules of war







– Length: 4 mins (max)

– Requires collaboration of a chorus to say the word ‘change’ a few times during the performance at several points

– Bench for chorus of 3 or 4 to sit on



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