Hayley Green – Commission – Second Draft

18 Jan

Here is where my poem is at now – after last night’s session I have so much more to play around with so please don’t give me in depth feedback just yet – although constructive comments are always useful.

Sins of Nature

Did you know that 10% of domesticated rams are gay?

That’s a bigger average than the human population.

Still some of us assumed this fixation

On alternative sexual orientation

Being a sin of nature.

Nature demonstrates greater understanding

Than our insignificant minds.

One mind thought up mindless laws

That turned men into suited sheep

And depicting women as whores.

We’re the advanced species

So why aren’t monkeys starting wars

Let’s use animals to demolish sodomy laws.

We  like to think we’re moving forwards

But live by books that tell us fairy stories.

Same sex penguins raise chicks in zoos

Yet two women can’t share a kiss.

Kissing birds don’t mock when they sing

Love songs through the trees

But across nightclubs we scream dyke

And pound into queens until they bleed.

Watch –

as humans throw faeces at one another.

Raping their way through populations,

Populations torn apart by governments,

Governments trampled by a revolution –

A revolution against pollution of state.

A state that won’t hesitate

to bury truths in the snow

The way penguins bury their heads.

The revolution is upon us –

animals are out of the closet.

There’s no therapists

For animals –

Giraffes, ducks,  penguins

Aren’t witch hunting or pillaging,

Preaching footnotes about religion.

Elephants still lock trunks

The sheep aren’t bleating

Peccatum conta naturam,

We’re the smartest species

But still act so ignorant


If we’re no longer evolving

Then we’re just slipping into reverse

Put us back in the jungle

At least there

No one called us perverse


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