Kai’s idea for his poem for the scratchy part of SST 6

18 Jan

ImageMy idea for the scratch part of SST is to write a poem about this little paper squary batman. Yesterday, I found him lying on the ground, left alone and heavily dented, yet, you could still see his supposingly square shaped body. His black and white arms, legs, and his oversized head were about to fall of his body; his stubborn “I-don’t-want-to-end-like-this” facial expression (you can’t see this really good on the photo) made me take him on my ways through the city. I held him in my hand and took him from Woodboorough Road to Sneinton, from Sneinton to Djanogly, from Djanogly to Playhouse, from Playhouse to home.

I don’t know yet where this poem is going to take me and what this paper doll can stand for as a metaphor. And I don’t know if this has potential or not. But I definitely like the vulnerable body and the desperate strength the body shows. I’ve started a free-writing yesterday, and will continue this weekend and next week. My goal is to have a first draft next Friday.

 Sorry for the delay in my post, but my computer is currently refusing any cooperation.



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