Mouthy Poets Workshop

25 Jan

(Friday 24th January)

At this week’s Mouthy workshop there was a buzz of organisational excitement as people prepared for the upcoming Say Sum Thin 6 show on the 7th and 8th March. This is an opportunity for the Mouthy Poets to perform their poetry to the public.

Everyone has the chance to get involved not just as a poet but also with putting on this show itself. I got the feeling that a lot of work is involved but that this collaborative element will really help to make things run smoothly.

The new interns responsible for organising the show presented to the rest of the group, explaining that they needed help from us from four different sides of things: the Creative, the Technical, the Social Media publicising and the Merchandise/Publishing. We got into these groups and brainstormed some ideas.

Then business was done, so we had some fun. (Poet, didn’t know it.) People swapped their poems and performed each other’s poetry to the rest of the group. What struck me, first of all, was the range in styles and voices. They’d all been given the same theme: Transformation, but the diversity in the way that everyone had responded to this in their poems just goes to show how original they all are in the way that they use language to portray what they, as individuals, think and feel.

When Anne collected in people’s poems, I was clutching my very rough draft of mine, and trying to summon the courage to hand it over. I didn’t feel it was ready or very good so I didn’t share it. I was grateful that nobody put any pressure on me but I heard them reading their poems I regretted that I hadn’t shared mine. It wasn’t about judging whether it was good or bad, or worrying about how ready or not it was. It was about listening to the words and allowing the poetry to fill your heart. I thought it must have felt strange to hear somebody else reading your poem. The way that our words sound in our heads is very different to the way that other people say them. It might help as the writer, however, to take a step back from your work really listen to it. 


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