Poems From Saturday’s Masterclass

27 Jan

Once per month the Mouthy Poets have a masterclass, lead by Deborah Stevenson. We cover teaching techniques, ask questions, share ideas and we also get the opportunity to practice our session plans with willing guinea-pigs. On Saturday 25th January, i produce a few poems from being a Guinea-pig, one being this list poem…

Poetry protects you from adults who are bullies.

From adults who were too frightened to follow their own

Dreams so now boost their ego by crushing yours. 

From the blazers that straighten out your individuality

From fear. 

From letting those difficult time eat away your aspirations to becoming a pilot or deep sea diver.

Poetry enables you to dive into any world you allow yourself to dream of

Poetry enables you to understand yourself

Poetry enables you to focus on a minuscule aspect of your life and highlight it with images.

And this one…


I’ve always loved cooking.

It reminds me of all the women in my family it took to make me,

And connects me to the Island that birthed them.

The women in my family haven’t always been able to say sorry,

To give a hug or receive one

To ask for help 

To have a conversation about that man that abused them. 

But they have been able to cook for each other

To share a kitchen to boil the salt fish for the ackee. 

To sit together and share one plate.



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