It’s feedback time!

6 Feb

Hello Mouthy, 

Debris here – typing from Morrocco. 

For those of you that don’t know, this is my first proper holiday in just under 3 years! And I know a lot of you are cussing me out, but I wanted to take the time out to still give you all feedback for Say Sum Thin 6 so now is the time to check your comments!  

I genuinely love reading your work and watching your poetry grow into what you want it to achieve. This is why it’s the only work orientated thing I am doing while I am away, it’s also why it is not as in depth as it has been in previous shows. But I am still open to you asking me any questions about it and dropping me any emails to comment of the style of feedback I have given and what was helpful/unhelpful it just may take me a while to get to it!

I have focused on what I love, what I know you want to achieve and some specific challenges. If you don’t get to these until after Saturday, don’t stress too much, Hayley and I know which show your aiming for and that you all have solid poems at the ready and we are here for you to talk to. 

Thank you for making up for my absence with your own feedback to each other, with your solid editing despite the new structure. I am impressed and inspired and hope the commission/scratch process has done what it set out to – shown you what the professional process of writing for commission, deadlines and venues is like.

Warmest Regards


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