Larnelle- sst6 poem final-(ish) draft -commission show

7 Feb

A stanza is missing still finalising it.


My early memories of paradise
My First time at Surge park
athletics championships rival chants bomb blast across the stadium. Vendor’s queues boil up like geysers.

The fresh vehicles slide to the rhythms and sounds of the labour day madness. St Patricks it’s fertile land blossoms milk and honey. It’s Waterfalls and hot springs nestled under chance’s peaks mouth.

June 18th 1995 My first encounters of the pyroclast apocalyptic hammers.Dust masks and torches instead of break time cricket bat and ball tree climbs and foraging for Evacuation drills

My first day grade one kinsale school. Easy tropical breeze.
Second week grade two pressured gales. Belts weren’t waisted, teacher swung them.

Third month grade three. Chaos
July 25th 1997 Chances peak’s spit leaked the mountains drooled.
Baked brimstones eject scudmissiles
Ash clouds umbrellas Didn’t shelter from the hail.

Earlier 12:30pm Salem school my reebok heigh tops screech to Scottie pipen type groves show and prove afternoon basketball. Ballin’ out of bounds
bouncing to my pulse as…
Evacuation alarms chimes deafened by the grim judgement of God’s fury.

5pm on a grey and winding road between yesterday and somewhere else.
Our kinsmen claimed by the sulphur.
Our Plymouth in ruins
Our lives transformed
Our displacement an eternal echo.


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