Hayley Green Final Draft – Commission

8 Feb

Run time: 2 minutes 30 but likely to be 3 minutes with performance.

FYI – I’ve been trying to edit this post to show my stanzas but it keeps reformatting so now there is a * between them

Sins of Nature

On average more rams are gay than humans

but alternative sexual orientation

is a sin against nature


Nature increases understanding

but countries enforce laws;

men are sheep and women are whores


And we should be proud;

we’re more advanced than species before us,

so why aren’t apes starting wars?


If same sex penguins raise chicks in zoos

then why must equivalent kisses

leave our lips blue and bruised?


Birds sing love songs through trees

but we shout dyke across nightclubs,

beating queens until they bleed.


We stand and watch

as humans chuck chewing gum

in hair for being too pink.


Flamingos don’t fling shit

in feathers for being too gay –

they don’t commit colours to anatomy.


Lesbians no longer wear pink

‘cause the first girl they smiled at

stole their vagina with their kiss;


Paraded it around the school yard –

fresh meat and a spicy dip

for the boys to test their chips before


raping their way through populations

polluted by homosexuals of the state

and without hesitation


governments are quick

to bury truths in the sand –

the way flamingos bury their heads.


But the revolution is upon us

and animals are out of the closet!

No more


No more correction therapists

flushing heads down toilets

spouting footnotes about religion


or statements about

penetrating straight into our heads –

it’s our choice who we let between our legs.


We’re not a sin, we’re not a waste

and this is not the time to try and taste

the rainbow through our face.


No more tripping over partner

when we actually mean girlfriend,

cause parent’s told us it’s just a trend


and that’s the reason

boys try to prick thistles with

‘real man’ documentation


Well of course we’re only looking for a threesome

We’re just test tube vaginas

for ‘experimental’ women


I’ve got news

We can be normal again

all it takes is consideration


Realisation that lesbian

Means homosexual woman

And we’re still human


So let us lock lips

because the sheep aren’t bleating

pecca conta naturam.


We’re the smartest species

so stop all this ignorance

take evolution out of reverse.


Or put us back in the jungle –

at least there

no one called us perverse.


And I thought I’d include some possible images that I’ve been playing around with…

gay penguins Bird nighclub  gay giraffes tase the rainbow  gay sheep homophobia


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