What is Feedback?

13 Feb

Hello Mouthy World, 

The Mouthy Poets is a group of diverse, young, amazing people, utilising poetry to identify and explore what they want to communicate with the world and themselves. For me, Mouthy is about identifying individual and collective goals and enabling each other to achieve those. Editing and feedback is about exploring those goals and pushing everyones ability and aspirations in achieving them – all of which should be done in a respectful, productive and emotionally intuitive environment. 

Due to this Mouthy does not teach a spectrum of poetry as: amazing – rubbish. 

Due to this Mouthy advocates individuality in tastes, styles and voices. 

Due to this I have recently deleted a few comments made on this blog. 

Due to this I would like to thank the 100s of Mouthy Poets and general public who have posted helpful and productive comments on the poems written by young people on this blog. 

I appreciate any time taken to read any post on this blog. However, it is important that feedback made is productive and considerate of a poets style and overall aims. We welcome criticism with a purpose and consideration behind it. 

A lot of this post comes from discussion with many young people and Mouthy, also many poets I have had the pleasure of working with and being edited by. This is also my opinion, derived from being a poet who cares about what I write and who relies on it to be happy…

In honesty, I rely on writing, editing and performing my poetry to survive financially, physically and most importantly emotionally. So I appreciate the delicate nature with which feedback should be given and received. 

I am really keen to know your thoughts (Mouthy’s included) on what feedback is to you, and on what I have said about it. 


Warmest Regards

Debris (Found & Director of Mouthy) 



2 Responses to “What is Feedback?”

  1. mouthypoets February 14, 2014 at 12:08 am #

    Feedback is somebody interpretting your work, taking something from it and potentially changing your own perspective on what you have written. Someone pointing something out and you saying “huh, i never thought of that”. Its then up to you how you explore this new suggestion…It’s exciting, nerve-racking and liberating all at once 🙂

  2. anneholloway February 15, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    Feedback is vital if I want my writing to be anymore than a private outpouring. Most of the stuff I write is stuff I want other people to read, and so it’s important that I hear how it comes across to other people before I can send it out into the wide world as ‘finished’.
    I don’t expect feed back on Facebook posts or blog posts, unless it’s about the content, an opinion about it… generally I would prefer to ask for feedback before it was given.
    Feedback can hurt. There has to be trust. I have to feel that the person offering feedback doesn’t have some kind of agenda. If a piece of writing is finished and I ask for feedback, that different I’ve kind of let go by then, I feel less delicate about it, you can love it or hate it, that’s your prerogative as a reader- but feedback while I’m still working on a piece, I ask that you are gentle but honest, are specific about what you are saying.
    Getting feedback means somebody cares enough to read my work and have an opinion and have taken time to tell me what they think, I’m not being ignored. Being ignored is horrible, so actually even negative feedback means I’ve prompted a response and I want my writing to prompt a response, otherwise what’s the point?
    So what is feedback? It’s vital to my growth as a writer. Bring it on!

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