Intake of Breadth 2nd draft

17 Feb

I worked on my poem and have changed it a fair bit. Still need to think of a better title but hoping that’ll come to be later! I think it’s about two and a half minutes long. 


The stale tang of the letter A

Word unbidden on the bud

That’s for kissing him.

Closed-smile lips

The Ammunition glints

Through like silver tooth.


Three times a harm

Two times an arm

Once I Am.


He bites down on the metal

Brands the A-grade

With a soft hissing

An Apple core tumbles back

To throat


Like canker.


Waiting for love’s first


Truth, this world is not as round

As I thought

In my head it was

A fat juicy world

A tangerine

But before I can say so

It melts like marmalade

Between my teeth.


I swallowed the pips

A stem grew from me

Take your pick from the

Pink Lady apple tree.


Up is good, right?

D-don’t t-tell me that here


He might not be at the top,

Her heart might not soar,

They’re not, in fear of fact, over the moon.


I feel like saying


This is the way the Lady stands,

With her legs together,

Smiling, smiling,

Small and quiet,

Don’t think, don’t speak,

No, don’t tap your feet.


Ladies don’t break a sweat

They perspire,

Nice girls don’t aspire

Or inspire

They tire.


Once I had a


Sort of Doubling, an

Out of Body


Not dryness, or drab grey,

A brilliant, shimmering,

An extra-self.

This is A Woman.


She, I say, she tore her stocking on a

Shard of glass

Walking where she should be

Looking up attentively.

She strides on,

Along the canal of

Thick blue veins.


Printed up her thigh

Is dainty text

That she cannot read.

Some fairy-tale or wedding vow

Or marriage contract.


I thought that


She would shed her skin

Tear off her panty hose

And emerge with scales

Like sleek, golden silk?


That skin, I see, curls in on itself

Like apple peel.

An unfinished



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