Georgina Bambi FIFTH sst edit!!! – Title in dispute

21 Feb

Once plush green ploomage,

laid dank and black.

Choked it’s last breath

at the brink of swamp scum,

now vined corpses, for magits and mites

to rip and swallow down to

belching, bitter pulp.

No Jazz, or dancing bees.

No green leaf in sight.

But I saw only woodland.


When the wind was right,

the scent of wet bark would

tap, tap, at my window,

creep through the cracks

and hand me an envelope.

‘You’re invited.’      


They said the bird of death

lived there.

Had plucked out

the eyes of its mother

and worn them as jewels

around its ankles,

to impose one last glint

of fear into the vole,

as it swooped and ripped

it from the soil.


They said i shouldn’t

play there, said I’d find myself

in pieces, said I’d be listening

to world through the muffled

underbelly of whichever maggot

had taken my ears. Said,

I’d be trapped in a restless crevice

under some tree somewhere, said

I’d be trapped. Said, I’d be trapped.


But i still did.

I did and did again, didn’t

listen to their don’ts

and found pellets and

packets and bundles of bones.

Each time i took them home.

Fur and beaks and teeth

and stories. Legs and tails

and broken homes

were all tied up inside.


There, my father’s pale skin,

my mother’s coarse hair,

I stretched them out across

the floor boards,

pinned and glued for curation.


I’d heard of corruption out there,

but what of the corruption in here?

No longer was this a mass

for something foreign.

One Response to “Georgina Bambi FIFTH sst edit!!! – Title in dispute”

  1. mouthypoets February 22, 2014 at 5:27 pm #

    I reckon you’ve nailed it.
    Maybe just go through and really fine comb articles (ofs and ands and the’s) and see what you want and what you can lose.

    Content wise, love it.

    Matt x

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