Rehearsing and Fine-tuning

25 Feb

So the weeks are whizzing by and the Say Sumthin 6 Show is racing ever closer. The Mouthy Poets have been working hard on editing their poems and fine-tuning their performances. Last week there were rehearsals every evening, giving everyone the chance to practice standing on stage with a microphone.

In our Friday workshop we watched the people who hadn’t been able to go to rehearsals during the week performing their poems to the rest of the group. We all had little pieces of paper on which to write feedback for them to read after. This was the first time I had performed a piece of poetry ever so I was a bit nervous. It’s quite surreal standing on stage with the lights dazzling you knowing that there’s a room full of people with their eyes on you. The feedback was really positive and encouraging, however, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of performing next week. It was great to hear other people’s poems as well. The beauty and quality of these poems amazed me.

Then we worked on ways in which we could develop the performance of our poems. There’s not going to be anyone introducing the show so we have to consider the best way to have a smooth transition between each act. We practiced saying our first and last lines to the group, thinking about the best way of capturing that all-important space for our poems and creating an ending that has a lasting impact.

Remember to buy your tickets and invite as many people as possible to the Say Sumthin Shows on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th March:

Scratch Show (Friday 7th March)

Commission Show (Saturday 8th March)

I’m definitely going both nights and I will be writing about them here. Very excited for it!

Natalie Popow 


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