Designer=Honey, Client=Mouthy, I give you the ‘6 Step Design Process’

28 Feb

Say Sum Thin 6 beckons….

#Mouthy Poets head honcho creator #DeborahStevenson gives me the call to design the promotional artwork for the show, this time its a flyer.
Who am I? I hear you ask…. Well I’m Honey Williams, one of the Mouthy Poets also a Freelance Graphic Designer/ Illustrator amongst other things (my pseudonym is The Pickyheads) and I’m normally called upon to create artwork for Mouthy events.
‘The Design Process’ may be a thing of mystery to some, so Im here to de-mystify any illusions or myths about this simple process….(well the simplicity of the process depends on if the client knows what they want or not).
If the client says that they want their design to look ‘nice’ its then that you need to worry.
 Every designer is different but whatever a service a designer offers you will go a little something like this…

DESIGN PROCESS: 6 Step Design Process

Designer: Honey, Client: 'Mouthy', I give you the '6 Step Design Process'


STEP 1: Contact Designer


Contact Designer –brief outline of what you want, arrange a time/place for a consultation

STEP 2: Consultation (Meeting)


  • Define what you or your organisation does
  • Define What your niche market is
  • Clearly communicate what you want in more detail
  • All info is gathered in order to help create a design brief (usually created by client)


  • The Designer may be able give you a quote and job time span then and there or may need to go way and think about it and come back to you with a definitive answer.

STEP 3: Design Brief


Write a design brief and email it to the designer along with anything else you feel may be helpful.


The designer will let you know if this is clear to them or not.

STEP 4:  Payment


  • The Designer will send you quote and job time span.
  • The Designer will send an invoice


  • 50% of the agreed fee will be paid to the Designer and the designer will not start designing until that day.

STEP 5: Design Ideas/ Options


  • The Designer will send you an initial design idea option for you to see within a period (depending on the scale of the design job.)


  • Client needs to let the Designer know whether they are happy with the direction the design is going in or not.

[This step may involve some back and forth communication]



  • The Designer will send you a Hi Resolution file of your design by the agreed deadline.


  • The remaining 50% to be paid upon completion.

If you are in doubt about anything, need to make change please contact the designer as soon as you can and likewise if the Designer is unclear about something they should contact you a.s.a.p.

Designers may charge you for alterations/ changes.

phew! thats it.

See the finished flyer here…. and whilst you’re at it feel free to buy a ticket!


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