A week after Say Sum Thin 6

15 Mar

At our Friday workshop, the Mouthy Poets reflected a lot on the Say Sum Thin 6 show. Anne asked us to take ourselves back to a moment the week before the show, to the nights of the scratch and commission shows, and the week after the show. Then we wrote four different free-writes describing the places we were in and what we were thinking and feeling at the time. This free-writing exercise was a useful way of reconnecting with the whole experience.

Then we spent 15 minutes reading through what we had written and trying to bring out elements of it to create a more edited poem. I wrote mine about the day after the show when I sat in the garden having a barbeque and here’s what I came up with:

Surrounded by four walls

Of a colourful sanctuary

With the word green

Seen written in rhubarb pink

A flame that crinkles like

Desire. That which bursts

Up with vigour from black thirst.

Sipping from a warm golden

drink reclaimed as my own,

Crunching on the flesh of an appetite

Of an air that feels right

Valhalla Valhalla Valhalla

Sticks like resin on

the brain.

Untrained and parched

And cut like a violin


The sun fades from the

heat of my cheeks

and the moon

is rising.

Not particularly happy with it but there are definitely some parts of I could work with. I really find free-writes a useful exercise for thinking more creatively.

Then we all helped Kai to produce a short film that will be played at our German sibling, Lion Mouthy’s poetry show. Very excited for them!

We spent a lot of time thinking about how best to improve the Say Sum Thin show and Mouthy as a whole. A lot of the reason why Mouthy Poets continues to flourish as an organisation is due to the detailed feedback given in the past. Like an epic poem under construction, Mouthy is very good at responding to constructive criticism and re-making itself to make it the best it can be.

Natalie Popow


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