Our Identity As Writers (Maresa & Jim)

29 Apr

Over the last months, Jim & I have been thinking about how we identify ourselves. Be it in Mouthy, as writers, or within the world and how the three interact with one another. We posed a set of questions in the last Mouthy session exploring these conversations.

We encourage you to reflect and respond to whichever speaks out to you in the comments section, as we prepare for the run-up to our next show. We hope they help you in someway.


What do you want your poetry to do?


Which of these do you feel you most identify: Writer, poet, performance poet. Why?


Think of a time when you shared / performed your work where you really felt it connected with either the audience, yourself, or both. What was it about this experience that was so memorable for you?


How do you feel after sharing your work/performance?


“A poem should start a conversation, not finish one.”How does this quote make you feel in relation to your own work?


What role do the receivers of your words play?

(An example from me, Maresa: I often rely on a communication between the words I put out and the responses I get back to drive my writing. The person who writes me after reading one of my poems in my book, an audience member coming up to me and sharing their own story relating to my own. What do you need from the receivers of your words, if any?)


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