Loewenmouthy – On 31st May, Spoken Poetry will cross borders!

13 May

On Saturday 31st May, the Mouthy Poets will be back in the Neville Studio, for NEAT14! But this time we are not alone – our German cousin #Loewenmaul from Braunschweig will be there as well.



In September last year, Deborah Stevenson worked with the German Performance Poetry group Loewenmaul at the Staatstheater Braunschweig together with Anne Hartmann and the German poets Klaus Urban and Axel Klingenberg. This group was initiated by Axel Preusz, the lead dramaturg of the Staatstheater. The emerging poets in Loewenmaul are highly diverse, age ranging from 14 to 30 years and some speak Polish, English or another language as their mother tongue. As a group, they have written poetry and devised a diverse showcase which they have showed at the Themenwoche Interkultur from 20th until 27th March. Here is a link to the video: http://vimeo.com/91536032 Through this collaboration, Kai Mueller, a German Performing Arts Educator came here to Nottingham to work with the Mouthy Poets in order to become a poet and Spoken Word Educator. For NEAT14, he will bring together both Performance Poets on one stage.

Currently, we and Loewenmaul explore ways of writing and performing poetry across borders.

We are asking ourselves: What else can be a border, if not only national borders? Where do we encounter borders in our everyday life? Why do they exist? Do we need them? What do borders do to people, to things, even to our way of thinking? And who is allowed to draw borders and who not? What do borders prevent, and what do they enable us to do?

We also take poetry across borders literally: One German Loewenmaul poet, Christina, will come to Nottingham to perform live on stage with the Mouthy Poets. Some Loewenmaul poets have devised a video of their poem we’re going to show. AAAND some Loewenmaul poets will perform live on stage without being in Nottingham. They will perform poems via live skype calls during the show, literally sending their poems across borders, across the channel in seconds!

It will be an intense showcase, with poetry, written and performed in English, German, Polish, Arabic, Italian, Dutch, French and other languages, pronounced by native and non-native speakers.

After that we want to invite you to our After Show Party in the Playhouse. Mouthy Poets and other artists will jam together with a band and we’ll have a DJ playing international music! During this party, you will have the chance to talk with the poets about the show and about their work in gerneral! 🙂

Ticket prices:

Showcase £9 (£7 concessions)

There are three ways to get tickets NOW:

Call: Nottingham Playhouse box office (0115 941 9419)

Visit: Nottingham Playhouse box office (Wellington Circus, Nottingham NG1 5AF)

Online: www.nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk

For more information about the neat14 Festival, visit http://neatfestival.co.uk/


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