Neal pike neat14

15 May

This is my lastest draft would much appreciate some feedback on this in some places it’s a bit muddled but I don’t know how to unmuddle it 




Hey I’ve just travelled through some borders
into some other borders
Thorough yellow fields
And deep tunnels
words flicker and fly through the air
Like excited children
This is a weekend of
Beer bands and beards
Crushing through borders like
three crashing chords crushing through skulls
Hands tap on chairs
Crush plastic glasses
carrying warm Belgian beer
then it spills over Teeshirts
France has came and left
Alright there Belgium ?
Mess will be caused minds will be broken
I should apologise for the mess now while sober enough to
The clouds are planning and plotting vast murders
Their weapon of choice is rain
Three lazy words of French spill from my beer infused brain
it gets laughter and high fives
invisible friendships become visible
Tents and packs piled on our backs like Sherpas
But We aren’t climbing Everest
Just flat fields and dusty highways
Wellingtons scaring scared Brussels ground
As we try to Make time go faster than a mid paced gallop
Watching the
Gathering accents ascend on this fair city
Tired eyes from breaking borders at 7am on a train marked party
We think we are drunk enough to take on the world just armed with Mohawks
voices become screws on blackboards
this is everything
everything is strangers bonding over obscure bands from obscure backwaters
We are not frickin dead at least not this second
Borders are lying on the floor screaming for mercy just got ran over by everyone this weekend
we are high fives stage Dives tattered Teeshirts and nose rings


One Response to “Neal pike neat14”

  1. buhledubazane May 16, 2014 at 8:49 pm #

    Wow this is cool… This takes me on an adventure… Love the way you create a story of adventure through this.

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