SST7 Management Jobs with Hayley

20 May

Hey guys,

So here are the opportunities I went through in the session on Friday.

Basically my job is to:

  • Coordinate and curate 6 areas of Nottingham Playhouse
  • Manage deadlines for 2 shows
  • Artist Liaison – with Mouthy
  • Direct and produce 2 shows

The 6 areas will be (including a rough idea of what’s happening:

  • Main stage (me and Ste – rehearsals and tech)
  • Neville studio (me and Ste – mini children’s show/puppet shows/scratch rehearsals)
  • Understudy (craft area/smaller writing exercise sessions/book swap)
  • Lower foyer (Jam space)
  • Upper foyer (Exhibition space – stands from EM orgs, live feedback)
  • Ustinov (workshops x 2  1hour ½)

The opportunities are:

  • Management shadow – Learn how to manage and curate a day of events, will be cc’d into emails, come along to meetings, coordinate the day events in absence of Hayley.

Candidate will need to be committed, flexible in the lead up to Say Sum Thin, have excellent communication skills, organised, some experience of Say Sum Thin management teams or similar events.

  • Facilitate your favourite exercise – if you are interested in teaching, the understudy will provide a space to have a small group to deliver your favourite writing exercise.

The exercises will need to be prepared beforehand and information given to Hayley to curate times.

  • Shadow a Workshop – There will be 2 workshops on the day, if you are interested in teaching; this is a great opportunity to work alongside a workshop facilitator.

John Agard’s shadow will preferably have previous experience of shadowing workshops.

On the day (with some prep beforehand) – will need people to coordinate spaces, ushers and stewards.

If any of these interest you, please talk to me – Email me at or find me on facebook.

If you are interested in the management shadow position please can you note your interest by Friday (23rd May)

Thanks! x


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