SST7 Goes Global – Debris, Honey, Emily & GOA

26 May

Hello! Debris here.

For Say Sum Thin 7, I would like to create a piece with Emily, Honey and the GOA choir! Big things I know… Between us we represent a large cross section of women who in many ways don’t have relevant role models in the media. What role models to young women have; Kim K? Nicki M? Or various other scandalously clad women?

With that in mind, Emily and I have two potential starting points.

1. School… 

I work in a lot of schools and I am worried about our young women, and in light of a serious of documentaries about modern day misogyny, pornography and the ‘blurred lines’ of a woman’s role, I want to pool our womanly power!


I want to set Honey and Emily a challenge, you have 2 sets of 5 minutes to free write under two topics:

-your first day at school

-coming back to your school 1-5 years after you left


They can be real, imbellished or imagined. But I want us to shine a light on our experiences and connect with those who are in that situation today and may be struggling. There are my freewrites below…



My tie was tight and lanky,

The plaits each side saggy,

voice wide and oaken.

Both buttons on blazor fastened.

A briefcase?!?!


The school gates: metal detectors,

The sports field: weed smokers, beef

And a burger van. And a variety of coloured clans

hand dancing, to sound of trains

and a bridge that was sometimes

Climbed by enemies on mopeds.


And I was shitting myself…

None of my friends were here.

They moved the catchment area

And my brothers were to clever

For this pile of grey.


I was angry, lonely, chummy, ugly.

A year 10 on the buss told me.


A year 10 on the buss told me.

That white girl that can dance has come back.

No one knows my name anymore.

Yet my hips wrap more attention.


Apparently I’m Kat nip for black men,

rhythm too curvatious to be corcasion.

Azonto lives in my knees –

the bone of drum.


I dance alone

adjacent to mirrors of body.

If I go with others I spend to much time caring.


It’s not that I’m selfish

I just need this time to writhe

stretch around life

then shake it off

Because when I wake up


I will,

I will care again.

2. UKIP (Challenge from Emily) 

“I was wondering if in the wake of the shocking european election results we could possibly change the world with our collaboration? Just watched ‘i have been told‘ n thought yh people need to hear that.”


So my challenge off the back of this is to research UKIP and use material you find online, on twitter, in the newspapers to create a first draft of something creative; song, poem, whenever. Give us a starting point on the subject – what is out there and how does it make you feel? Here is my first go, just using quotes off twitter/FB and again with only 5 minutes… 


If I were a politician today,

I’d cut loose the UKIP voters,

forget about them,get the 65%

that didn’t vote onside. Although


I would like to find out why

they had no other choice than to go. 

If it makes anyone feel better

I’ll stop using ‘Fascist’ and start


using ‘right wing, racist, bigoted, homophobic arsehole’. 

If only X-men film was released a week earlier perhaps

UKIP wouldn’t be in such power. My head feels sick. 

UKIP‘s logo looks like its promoting Poundland. 


I’d rather put my dick in a blender

Than be a politician today. 


Honey, Emily… post some responses, initial ideas of writing up?



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