Anne Holloway – idea for SST7

31 May

How did I get here? The starting point for my SST7 piece? A narrative poem based on the garbled ramblings of an old woman who used to get the mail train home from gigs, helped her mate climb through the toilet window because she didn’t have a ticket, who catches sight of herself in the mirror and does a double take, wonders if she’s living somebody else’s life, and asks “How did I get here?” Maybe I’ll use song titles or lyrics that I remember from back then, because that phrase from Talking Head’s Once in a Lifetime keeps going round in my head… “how did I get here?” 

Coat tied around my waist

I rock,

I sway,

I step.

I… pause for breath.

A tap on my shoulder

a voice under the music,

Like a Prayer

“How did I get here?”

Suddenly I’m not 18 any more

I’m on a Road to Nowhere,

with London Calling softly in my ear,

when I long to Rock the Casbah.

Time After Time

You Spin Me Round

and I am Atomic,

watching Oliver’s Army in disbelief,

wondering Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Time after Time

I have fallen foul of Tainted Love

Never really felt at home in The House of Fun

but  Don’t You Forget About Me

I am Hungry Like The Wolf,

I will always promise to Rip It Up.

But My Mind is Like a Plastic Bag

Under Pressure.

Each time you Pull Up To The Bumper

I want to move Back to Life,

to Relax.

But instead I find myself Running up the Hill.

If I could Walk This Way

I might not have to ask, What Have I Done to Deserve This?

All I hear is the man telling me, “That’s Entertainment”.

And as we all move from Ashes to Ashes,

The Melting Man

is Singing the Fairytale of New York

because if we Push It

Love Will Tear us Apart.


or something like that… or something quite different but in a similar vein… I told you it was garbled.


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