Say Sum Thin 7: Serita Blake’s performance ideas:

31 May

Main theme:
Title of the piece:
These thoughts…
Performing: Solo performance (maybe need about 5 others to shout sentences around me like “you’re not worth it!” or “your useless” in between stanzas)
Sounds: (Possibly the sound of a heartbeat through the speakers which grows louder and louder)
Possibly: drastic light changes
No set piece music. (Only maybe the eerie sound of a heartbeat)
Themes explored: Power, hopelessness, trust, need, acceptance and struggles.
Style: Soliloquy: (Possibly: 3 different characters different perspectives based around the same event happening)
Exploring the different feelings and feelings of powerfulness and powerlessness culminating in the idea of displacement and leading the audience with the question who REALLY feels displaced in the given scenario?
The characters inner most thoughts conveyed to the audience in the style of a soliloquy discussing the theme of powerlessness offset against feeling powerful in one given situation.
Power crazy individuals so I’m thinking possibly the same scenario where individual characters give the gift of their emotions about the same scenario over to the audience.
The staging and lighting will reflect the character/s mental imprisonment and suffocation at the hands of one of the characters making the character feel displaced.


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