Laura D – SS7 Ideas

1 Jun

Not 100% settled on what I am doing at the moment as i have a couple of options I am Exploring…

  • “Ugandan Pride” – Last summer i went to Uganda for a couple of weeks and working with local villages, tribes and organisations, I got to learn alot about the people there and their lives. I am still processing so many of their stories. One i considered writing about is a boy called Eric and his experience as a child soldier. I got to know many of those who were taken from thier familes, but Eric went through an especially hard time as he was Gay, which is against the law and in the LRA – Punishable by death. There was an incident that took place where his life was saved by a young girls major sacrifice. Then many years later (April 2012) he and a group of men attempted the first ever Ugandan Pride parade. Though they were attacked and beaten, it encouraged many people to stand up with them. Then in August 2012, the first ever Sucessful March travelled and was celebrated all over uganda. Though stilll hostile this was a major breakthrough for society there and it is now a celebrated freedom and tradition. But Eric said he will forever march with the bones of that girl on his back….

    My issue is that it is an amazing story to have learned from a strong young man BUT i dont think i could do it justice in one 3-4min piece. Theres so much i want to throw into it that it would take its own collection or set  (So it will be worked on, it just might not fit for SS7?? not sure )

  • I also have a couple of ideas that i have free writes for and research because they have really struck an interest in me, so i am currently trying to get back into writing to pick away and explore ideas to come out with something more solid.

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