Neal pike idea for Say sumthin 7

1 Jun

Right my idea is to explore the night out but from someone who’s bored of being out now who doesn’t quite for anywhere anymore

and probably should have stayed at home

idea is to have a few dancers onstage then me stood there looking bored half dancing and sylky plating guitar also one point a barely lit stage to signify the lonely long walk home I do


Here’s half of the draft that I’ve finished

These four red wallpaper walls
Are doing my head in
it’s time to escape

The pull of Nottingham is too strong for these
Mid twenties bones
Who should know better by now

Because i know how it will end
Before it already begun
In a flash of light and old songs

the night is just cracking out of it’s shell
Time to do the phone bank card headphones check
as cats move in shadows on the way to the bus stop

this blue bus is a gateway to a evening of
who knows what’s in store
As smart shirts and dresses pile on

Here’s me in a teeshirt and trainers
here’s me in a teeshirt and chinos
Heading to a night stuck in the,year 2004

I am my dislocated shoulder
In green red and white
This is not a funeral this is rock city
Or did I miss the memo?




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