SST7 Ideas – Lila

1 Jun


This is actually an edit of a poem but it is using music as a tool to represent the spiritual meaning that ‘we are all one’. I think it reflects the displacement of cultures, through people learning to integrate / understand each other. At the moment I’m still working out how to get it clearer and edit it all together, but here is what I have so far:


Press pause. I stand still, the room waits.

The radio has enlightened me in four elements: circles, undulations

Brakes and waves.

A BBC spokesperson has told its listeners

That, unlike western melodies, African music focuses

on a four beat rhythm

forcing us to dance to the natural beat of our heart.


My bare feet are pushing roots into the concrete

floor beneath me


I take the radios flashing pause light as a signal

it’s time to dismiss this awakening.

That even double glazed windows only muffle the din of a full mind.

That using your body as a diary when you run out of paper

Won’t organise your heart to A to B to C

To you.


I remember the components of a western civilization club night:


Arms high. Pump down towards chest.

We are born again

Within those kick drum dripping walls.

We are foragers

Offering the holes in our souls

To spinning vinyl.

Fingers point to the DJ, to mates

Your new alter ego drips

yellow peace onto cheek

Shoulder explodes to blue

Arms brake

Stomach orange

Waist undulates

Damp air sticks crowd together

Nova eye gems

Pupils dilate

Beat nests in eardrums

Ready to repeat

For days.


My doorbell rings


But my knees have already begun to slow wind

To a sound

That instigated a bond

As smooth

As floating smoke rings in hazy basements.

The 80’s.

Rife with truncheons of judgment

Races trying to just ‘get along’.

When they couldn’t pull the un-equal splinters out

Their hands kindled ‘listen’

Leaving burnt buildings to remind they are your neighbor.

Waves of police

Positioned behind see-through shields

Fingers clasping tools

Of forced entry.



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