Free write responses to challenges set by Debris/idea for SST7

2 Jun

Loving the prospect of collab-ing with the likes of Deborah, Honey and the GOA choir. Yes, yes, it bears repeating, yes.

Free write about 1st day at school;

I was sweaty and hormoney

and pink and then red

and ate my lunch on my own

and an older boy recognised me from my old school

because i used to get picked up by my dad on a motorbike.

I was a manbeast and wierd

and in art class someone said that I looked like Frida Kahlo

I even knew then that I should be proud of that

but at the same time pinkly embarassed of my apparent 11 year-old manliness.

I’d had nits during the summer so the hairdresser had cut my hair into an ear-length bob

and I cried in the public toilet for half an hour after with my mum trying to calm me down.

Telling me it looked good when it didn’t.


Coming back to school 1-5 years after i left:

I never went back to school after I left

School can literally or illiterally piss off

I did good in school. Even the emos thought I was weird.

The teachers called me weird and mistook me for a boy.

And when I told them i wasnt they said I was to handsome to be a girl.

And didn’t believe me.

Fuck them like literally or illiterally fuck them.

They are all a load of knobs operating within a matrix/zeitgeist/structure/construct designed to crush children.

Even though I did super good in my ‘gcse’s’ I think schools gross.

I’m not going back.


I’m always suprised at how idiocy accumulates faster than empathy.

Empathy is what helped our brains grow when we were evolving.

Nigel Farage is like the least likeable person like on a basic interpersonal level

but i guess the other party leaders are really frigging charisma-less aswell

why are they all men? and white?

and why do 3 of them have the same hair colour and style?

Why are they all so boring?

and why is the only thing that makes politics exciting for some people racism?

Russel Brand is kindof annoying too. Just kindof an ex-drug addict celebrity.

Like one of my aunty’s friends.

Thatcher totally frigging won. Ugh.








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