George Bambi’s SS7 idea

2 Jun

This has been on my mind for weeks! I’ve been looking through the internet about Displacement and i found The definition of Displacement in Linguistics and basically, it’s the ability to talk about something that isn’t in front of you, or something that has happened or will happen, so humans obviously are the best at doing this but science has found that Bees (along with ants and crows) have a way to do this too, although obviously not as developed. So i looked into Bees and they basically go and find some good nectar/pollen and then eat away, then go to their bee friend and do a ‘waggle dance’ which is where they move in a figure 8 motion, and this gives the bee friend the directions to the nectar! – Here’s the Wiki def of what i’m trying to say: 

Displacement (linguistics)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 In linguisticsdisplacement is the capability of language to communicate about things that are not immediately present (spatially or temporally); i.e., things that are either not here or are not here now.

And here’s what they say about the bees: 

Honeybees use the waggle dance to communicate the location of a patch of flowers suitable for foraging. The degree of displacement in this example remains limited when compared to human language. A bee can only communicate the location of the most recent food source it has visited. It cannot communicate an idea about a food source at a specific point in the past, nor can it speculate about food sources in the future.[2] In addition, displacement in the waggle dance is restricted by the language’s lack of creativity and productivity. The bees can express direction and distance, but it has been experimentally determined that they lack a sign for “above”.



And this, links in to what’s been going on in my personal life and what i want to write about. Things at home have been a bit all over and i’ve had my aunties around me alot, and i tried to explain to them my thanks and said that ‘i feel like i’m a flower that’s blossomed, not because of the sun, but because of all the other flowers around me.’ The sun being my parents and the flowers being my aunties. They cried! And i realized that that was the poem i needed to write! And obviously, the bees will be in there with the flowers!

So i’m thinking, Maybe a Sestina because the line ‘the flowers that fed me’ will not leave my mind. Just to sort of, get me going, and so if after that i think its better to leave that form i will. I want it to be sort of, alice in wonderland, pascale petit kind of vibes!

So yeah!  That’s where i’m at! Sorry it’s long winded haha!  

George xxx


One Response to “George Bambi’s SS7 idea”

  1. mouthypoets June 2, 2014 at 9:03 am #

    Wicked idea! A sestina, or maybe, if you’ve got a particular line that keeps re-appearing, a villanelle?


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