Edward’s SST7 Scratch Show idea

7 Jun

So far I have a vague idea about subverting the media’s attack on ‘benefits fraud’ by having the Queen on benefits. Here’s what I wrote around the subject based on the narrative theory, it’s by no means a definite structure or narrative I will follow, but it’s a starting point:

The Queen sits alone in her council house,
the crumbling decadence of her palace falling around her,
as a nation shouts and screams like Chimpanzees
spitting spittle at her from their yellowed teeth.

“Burn the witch sat on benefits!”
“We work all day for barely an hour of her pay!”

The walls shake and the windows begin to crack under their attack
as men in balaclavas with baseball bats knock at her door- they can’t take this scandal anymore.

The Queen just sits as her chandelier falls
like precipitate, like the daggers of the Daily Mail,
falling towards her head.

The palace door flies off its hinges as the riot erupts,
desperate to burn the witch, to get some money from the uptight bitch.
But – there she sits:
With a ruby red mark upon her forehead,
the glass flew straight through her before it hit the ground,
and so even in death she retains her jewels.

The mob sigh and murmur in dismay;
back to their jobs to earn their pay.


One Response to “Edward’s SST7 Scratch Show idea”

  1. mouthypoets June 7, 2014 at 5:40 pm #

    Not really a comment on the technical aspects, but he content is intense! I speak as an outsider (I’m American, and royalty has not senimentality for me) but I bet that many will be stired (one way or the other) by hearing the Queen referred to in less than polite terms. Should invite a lot of strongly held opinions, I’m sure.

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