CLEO and SDA first draft QUACK!

8 Jun

Water ripples around my body’s basement, I paddle
Paddle paddle
My bill feels a little heavy, and I kind of wish I could do the breaststroke
– I think that might feel refreshing
cuz it looks like it is.

To say I have this affinity with water
I cant even dive in it properly –
just DUCK in and wobble my arse in the air stupid.
Pretty frustrating.

It doesn’t even soak me; just slopes
sleek off my back
like it doesn’t have the time. Ouch.

My bill spatters quacks, chatting
after it to come back,
faffin on flapping my feathers
tired of being this desperate for water.

I think water thinks
that if it becomes too warm it will evaporate and shrink
leaving empty cracks and dead marshlands.


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