Neal pike say sumthin 7 first draft (evening show)

8 Jun

Heading to the city that doesn’t rock anymore

The pull of Nottingham is too strong for these
Mid twenties bones
Who should know better by now

Because i know how it will end
Before it already begun
In a flash of light and old songs

Time to do the phone bank card headphones check
as cats move in shadows on the way to the bus stop

this blue bus is a gateway to a evening of
who knows what’s in store

A herd of students pile
Shirts and dresses ready for whatever

Here’s me in a teeshirt and trainers
here’s me in a teeshirt and chinos
Heading to a night stuck in the,year 2004

I am my car accident ruined shoulder
As I float on hanging to 2004
I am Sicily

In green red and white
This is not a funeral this is rock city
Or did I miss the memo?

There is smart shirts
Strange letterd Teeshirts
I am in a hoody teeshirt and chinos
Feeling part mutt part show dog
This is the life
this is what rock city
Is for

It’s for these times when you smash the button
Marked backwards and forget about ever moving forwards
Who wants to move forwards on a Saturday night ?

Memories of great nights
Not leaving that spot on the dancefloor
It was your spot
Soaked in beer and sweat
Now it’s soaked in wkd and no sweat
This young lot are too cool to dance

The music you used to pull yourself in around it’s notes
Like vast cables clinging onto sanity
Now replaced by poorly made string

Not good enough to tie knots
let alone
Drown yourself in it’s waters

I am a steam cruiser in a place of yachts
Out of place and out of time

running out of smoke going in vast unwanted circles
This is my unwanted stop of point

that moment when glorious noise
Turns You back into you ten years ago
Arms wildly flailing
Legs stuck out out
in weird right angles
We don’t care we are air guitaring it’s what WE DO

Weird looks greet my eyes
Yeah I’m not botherd as my fingers stroke cans and plastic cups yeah
So what that I’m air guitaring

People moaning to the dj
To play some good stuff
He yells back
Sorry mate this is good stuff

This is what we work for
To feel young again
we are eighteen again with more facial hair
And less hair

As hynea like laughs and weird a HE JUST DID THAT stares head my way
I have jäger and this music I am in a world with these guys

This is your place
this was MY place

When that Lyric dropped
All about being young and
Saving yourself from this

Wishing you could feel this way for ever everlong
That place you used to love
I loved this place now I hate these chords

As they now chug instead of ring

Jäger goes down quicker
When time drags
it’s long slow claws over you
Plastic cups litter around my feet

But I just feel the same
Nothing’s changed
Everything’s changed

We where losers in a vast castle
of fellow losers
we knew all their names

This is now a place for people who win
We don’t know what winning is
large places like this feel like vast oceans
These walls do my head In these days

over there I had my mind blown when I was 19
It’s spot sacred to me it was my important place
My happy place my second home
It feels like a mouse hole now
As I feel the bruises on my ribs still there from
The barrier my voice a shell from those gigs it’s a bloody cape now

Everyone tells the same joke
Will this place ever belong to us again?

Noises wobble In a room that noises
Roared and screamed
we can’t live in a roaring world all the time
We must climb those stairs marked growing up

Leaving the first floor marked
3am bus rides and 50 pound nights out
nights you don’t enjoy you feel like you should

Not everyone can be Peter Pan
Especially not I

Shells of memories litter my feet as I try and pick up the glass moments
Moments that will not leave my head they are jammed in
I am on that barrier again in my mind
as I walk home the trees gently flickering lights

I look at the glass it looks like a uneven Rubix cube it doesn’t fit anymore

that place is a pair of once comfy skinny jeans that now look and feel weird on me


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