The loo brush revolution – Kai – SST7 Afternoon Show Idea

8 Jun

My idea for SST7 isinspired by an demonstration of left-winged people in Hamburg at the beginning of this year. The inciting incident was when the police defined several districts in Hamburg as ‘danger zones’, which allows the police to search and identify people without any cause, apart from looking “suspicious”. A loo brush, which was being found in a rucksack while being filmed and shown on a national news show, became the symbol of a very subversive act of protesting against police despotism. While it all cooled down after several weeks, in my poem I would like the situation to escalate more and more until the overall existing political system is overthrown, which means that previously upper-middleclass and higher-classed people are being physically displaced and in the end, one of the spokesman of the revolution crowns himself as the king over Hamburg (with a loo brush instead of a sceptre).

What I’d like to get across is a celebration of (cultural) diversity and a criticism of liberal capitalism (social darwinism), but at the same time that there is no ideal societal system.

As I currently have the feeling that this might become a longer poem, I’d like to perform this poem in different slots, so maybe do one stanza at the beginning, two to three between the other acts, and one at the end. (just a rough idea I have – Debs, Ste, Hayley: If you see any difficulties with this idea, tell asap!)





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