Ingrid, scratch (sorry)

9 Jun

I’m really sorry that I missed the deadline yesterday (I have no excuse because I wrote this on Thursday) but here it is, I hope that it’s ok 🙂 


Darkness isn’t a creature breathing down your ear

It tastes of bananas

It’s where stars live

They breath it

Leave the girl who ruined your subconscious there

The stars will breath her

Numb her

She’ll get better

She will stop stealing her nana’s pills

She will stop breathing in your words and pretending they’re hers

She will stop strangling you


One day your subconscious will supernova

The defence mechanism will turn into a white dwarf.

More controllable

You’ll be strong enough to stop her

References to hugs not drugs will be less empty

And poetry will always be yours because it’s not cool enough to steal

It will always mean a million galaxies to you


She is someone you let in

That will never change

But she is dropping galaxies

Every time she steals.


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