The flowers that feed me – Georgina Bambi

9 Jun

Hey guys, Ignore the layout/line breaks on this, they aren’t final they are just how it came out as i was drafting. Also, sorry it wasn’t on last night, i got home from work and ended up falling asleep on the sofa, please forgive me! 

So here it is, first draft, The flowers that feed me: 

I lay on my back under stems and stalks.

Looking up from underneath, petals cup like

tongues and they speak every piece of good in me.

My skin glows in hues of pinks and orange as

the light they let strain through

ballets over my contours and melts

into my pours like tequila.

I am bright, sticky, and smart because of this.


They save the light for when I’m dark, bottled

and marked for when I can’t see stars.

They save the rain for when I’m dry, warmed and

clean to heal.

They save sharp breeze but, only for when tension

Needs cut, never to cut me.      


I’m not afraid to see them when I’m hardly awake

Because their roots lie in sacred soil.

The bees around them will always dance in figures

Of 8, but I’ll never leave because the best pollen is here.


I’m not alone

And the sun doesn’t feed me.

It’s the flowers that do.  


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